Sunday, March 29, 2015

Miljenko Rajakovic - Wounds Of The Earth Exclusive Mix 006 (29-03-2015)

Wounds Of The Earth Exclusive Mix 006 'Industrial Landscapes'
A mix of crushing industrial darkness that expertly blends old school and new school soundcapes from Miljekno Rajakovic (aka DJ Mary) of dark ambient act TeHÔM.

01. SPK - In Flagrante Delicto
02. Lustmord - Beckoning
03. TeHÔM - Darkness Cosmogony Of Myths
04. T.A.G.C. - Magnesia
05. Predominance - Lakehurst - A Tragic Moment Frozen In Time
06. Test Dept. - Corridor Of Cells
07. SPK - In The Dying Moments
08. Coil - The Golden Section
09. Lustmord vs Metal Beast - Transmission Fades
10. Clock DVA - Sonology Of Sex 1
11. S.E.T.I. - Mare Crisum
12. Atrium Carceri - Reborn
13. Geomatic - Holographic Messiah
14. Sephiroth - The Clock Of Distant Realms
15. Test Dept. - Yn Nyyd Cadiawr

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

[HorsePower Productions] Various Artists - Inner Fhorse Chapter II

After the success of Inner Fhorse Chapter I HorsePower Productions returns with Inner Fhorse Chapter II, a fresh compilation packed with 21 carefully selected night-time bangers by veteran and novice producers from all around the world. The ride starts off slow but heavy and increases the intensity with every track, all of them activating your inner forces and stimulating your mind with their own unique style and technique.

Label: HorsePower Productions
Format: V/A Compilation, 22 x File, Digital
Released: 22 March 2015
Mastered by Conspirated @ Conspir8ed Studio
Artwork by Swaroop Guhathakurta

01. Medecinmannen - Not Another Intro Track [111 BPM]
02. Dfectv - I Can't Relax [146 BPM]
03. Bodhi - Time Particle Diversion [150 BPM]
04. Feargasm - Knas Wunderlich [150 BPM]
05. Holix - Hypnotic Story [151 BPM]
06. Iguana vs NiceJub - Astrobleme [151 BPM]
07. Steganography - Fingerprints Of The Higgs [152 BPM]
08. Peyoceps - Randomness Of Speech [152 BPM]
09. Dar Kapo - Rejekshun [153 BPM]
10. Goya vs BTL - Vibrations [154 BPM]
11. Neural - Ego Dissolver [155 BPM]
12. Ofgohd - Mind Controler [160 BPM]
13. Beng - No Souls [162 BPM]
14. Romeroz - Expose Everything (Helix One Remix) [165 BPM]
15. Gurgamesh - Feathers On My Breath [80/175/190/160 BPM]
16. Pavlovs Condition - Freudian Slip [175 BPM]
17. Eleusis - Los Arenales [175 BPM]
18. Nykronds - Tekne [177 BPM]
19. Sanathana - As Above So Below [178 BPM]
20. Loose Connection - Jelly Brain (Orion's Belt Remix) [180 BPM]
21. Exaton - Breaking What [192 BPM]
22. Kujata - Arrayán [193 BPM]

[DD14066] Sidephex - Reinstated

After quite some years in the long grass, hardcore supertalent Wouter Vonk returns to the stage as Sidephex and releases nothing less than a full-length album. Dominated by the mighty 4/4 bass drum, „Reinstated“ starts as a dark techno voyage, encounters some EBM flavor and acid excursions along the way, before increasingly hardcore beats and industrial harshness creep in for a crushing finale. A high bid for the dance floors, but also a conceptually convincing album for the electronic lover.

After an unsettling “Intro”, Sidephex gives us a triplet of contemporary minimal dark techno, with “The Backyard”, “Mana” and “Secluded” all well-suited for the Berghain-style crowds. “Classico” is a great banger with a most appropriate title, sounding like the collaboration between Robert Armani and Johannes Heil that never happened in 1998 – never forget where the roots are!
“Bring it on” does so, the beats banging harder, making you imagine the crowds go wild, and “Natrium” follows with some sawtooth madness.
“Great San Francisco Acid Wave” is a collaboration track with Juno, and it sure gives you another 303 reasons to love this album. With “Froempel”, Sidephex brings in the distortion and industrial sounds that also dominate “Organism 0.030”, “Ultrasonic”, “Destroy” and “Chaos Returns”, bringing this album to its noisy conclusion.
“Reinstated” takes you from around 125 to over 150 bpm in the course of 70 minutes, and it won’t loosen its grip on you from the first squeak. If it was Sidephex’ proclaimed goal to be reinstated (!) as a major player on the scene, it’s been well accomplished.

Label: Dark. Descent.
Cat#: DD14066
Artist: Sidephex
Format: Album, 13 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 26 March 2015
Written & Produced by Wouter Vonk
Mastering by Music Mastering NL
Design by Dark. Descent. Media
Marketed by NoisJ

01. Intro - 2:34
02. The Backyard - 6:04
03. Mana - 7:00
04. Secluded - 5:33
05. Classico - 5:01
06. Bring It On - 4:56
07. Natrium - 6:51
08. Great San Francisco Acid Wave (ft. Juno) - 6:14
09. Froempel - 5:06
10. Organism 0.030 - 5:32
11. Ultrasonic - 4:55
12. Destroy - 5:47
13. Chaos Returns - 4:59

[NOISJ-69] Desolation - Darkness Is Where I Shine

Earlier in 2014 NoisJ / Red Fever regular Desolation raised expectations high with a well-received EP on Traumatic, now it’s time for the debut full length album. And “Darkness Is Where I Shine” proves it’s about time for it! 14 tracks (+1 bonus track) exploring different musical directions, yet taking the listener on a distinct journey – into darkness.

The album starts with double doom, the opener “Obscurity Slavery” featuring not only crushing doomcore beats, but also doom vocals (as in metal, that is). Here Desolation clearly follows the take at the genre he has pursued on aforementioned EP, and surprises us with a beatless experimental tune even along the way (“Lost In Space”).
The title track is the first of more uptempo tracks with the dance floor firmly in focus, combining stiff beats with angelic choirs. Other tracks then choose a more reduced, immediate approach (“Double D”, “Let’s Kik!”). Then, Desolation attempts a combination of genres – successfully merging the doom sound with crossbreed structures. A fusion of fusion genres? But there’s no way you will find the amen breaks out place in “Delerium Tremens” or would dismiss the massive dark step of “Sick” or “Choice”, where every sample is just on spot! Towards the end of the album, we then enter the realm of distortion, with “Robot Make Noizy Music” being a fine industrial finale for an album to dream of… for those who are not afraid of the nightmarish ones!

Label: NoisJ
Cat#: NOISJ-69
Artist: Desolation
Format: Album, 14 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 26 March 2015
Written & Produced by Julien Billaud
Mastering by Music Mastering NL
Marketed by NoisJ
Design by Second.Eye.Design

01. Obscurity Slavery - 4:20
02. Undeterminhate (ft. Mental Destruction) - 5:56
03. The Keys To Hysteria - 6:11
04. Lost In Space - 2:01
05. Darkness Is Where I Shine - 4:20
06. Double D - 5:42
07. Fuck Reality - 5:44
08. Let's Kik! - 6:00
09. Delirium Tremens - 4:47
10. Sick - 4:51
11. Choice - 4:51
12. Vacation And Destruction - 5:12
13. Leave Me Alone - 4:19
14. Psychodisto - 5:01
15. Robot Make Noizy Musik - 4:54

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Theologian Prime - Wounds Of The Earth Exclusive Mix 005 (22-05-2015)

Theologian Prime - Wounds Of The Earth Exclusive Mix 005 (22nd March 2015)
Promotional mix for Apex Fest VI in New York City, 5th to 7th June 2015

01. Visions - Lightless
02. Omei - Seikatai
03. Jarl - Fragile Confrontation II
04. Menace Ruine - One Too Many
05. Karjalan Sissit - Pig Society
06. Sutekh Hexen - Lead Us In Warfare
07. Trepaneringsritualen - Castrate Christ
08. Slavernij - Deny Your Self Worth
09. Kintaan - Gretchen (Live 12/14/14)
10. Svartsinn - Of Darkness And Re-creation
11. The Body with The Assembly Of Light Choir - Transition
12. Gnaw Their Tongues - Le Chant De La Mort
13. Burial Hex - Final Love (Feral Love Dub)
14. Sophia - Pride
15. Northaunt - Barren Land
16. Barren Harvest - In Golden Dark
17. Funerary Call - Thee I Invoke
18. IRM - Closure V
19. Rectrix - Hath Any Loved You Well Down There

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Friday, March 20, 2015

[TumorCD83] Sphäre Sechs - Enceladus

A follow up to the highly acclaimed and quickly sold out Tiefschlaf CD (TumorCD56, 2012), this project of Phelios’ Martin Stürtzer and Christian Striztel finds the duo traveling even further out into space, beyond the reaches of light and into realms never before explored. While the overall approach is similar to Tiefschlaf and there’s certainly some shared DNA at play here, the seven tracks that comprise Enceladus feel weightier and darker…a glorious amalgam of drift and synth drone that seems to extend beyond any visual measure, the tones and textures floating off into an infinite expanse, pulled and stretched by an unseen gravitational force. Space inspired dark ambient can be a tricky thing…a common theme attempted by many with some measure of success, but few capture the coldness, stillness, and awe inspiring beauty of the interstellar void so brilliantly as Sphäre Sechs. Recorded solely on analog equipment without the use of computers, Enceladus is a deeply mesmerizing and hypnotic excursion best played on headphones or in solitude for maximum effect. 4 panel, matte finished digipak with metallic ink highlights.

Label: Malignant Records
Cat#: TumorCD83
Artist: Sphäre Sechs
Format: Album, 7 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 20 March 2015
Composed by Martin Stürtzer (Access Virus Ti, Moog Little Phatty, Ensoniq ESQ1, Roland V-Synth XT, Korg Triton LE, Lexicon 224, Moog Mf-102 Ringmodulator) & Christian Stritzel (Moog Theremin, Boss DD-20, Boss PS-3, Strymon Big Sky, Moog MF-102 Ringmodulator, Moog MF-107 Freqbox, Moog MF-105 Murf, Line6 M9)
Designed by Alonso Urbanos
Album made in memory of Bernd Köppen (1951-2014)

1. Enceladus 1 - 06:12
2. Enceladus 2 - 04:31
3. Enceladus 3 - 05:31
4. Enceladus 4 - 05:01
5. Enceladus 5 - 07:24
6. Enceladus 6 - 10:11
7. Enceladus 7 - 14:01