Tuesday, September 27, 2016

[TumorCD97] Gnawed - Pestilence Beholden

Since its inception in 2009, Grant Richardson’s Gnawed has propelled itself into the top tier of heavy electronics and death industrial with a stream of high quality releases over a variety of formats. For his 3rd full length disc, Pestilence Beholden, the template set forth by prior works remains intact, but is dragged down into an even darker space, this time enriched by added layers of foreboding atmospherics and foggy ambience. Make no mistake, this is Gnawed through and through, but Pestilence Beholden is even more sculpted and refined than before, finding an intersection between tensile dread and controlled aggression, as ominous synth beds and throbbing drones are augmented with the cataclysmic reverberations, resonating scrapyard acoustics, and mechanized dirge you’ve come to expect. Recorded in industrial complexes in and around Minneapolis, the sound here is deep and immense, once again solidifying Gnawed in a category all their own.

Label: Malignant Records
Cat#: TumorCD97
Artist: Gnawed
Format: Album, 9 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 05 September 2016
Composed by Grant Richardson

1. A Bitter Harvest - 6:37
2. Serpent In The River Of The Arms Of God - 2:06
3. The Hand That Feeds - 7:51
4. Pestilence Beholden II - 7:00
5. The River Runs Dry - 5:33
6. Who Shall Reap? - 5:45
7. Wheat From Chaff - 6:32
8. Nil But Rot (Negation Is Purity) - 5:48
9. Perdition (Death's Disease) - 8:07

[TumorCD95] Tvlpa - Mountain Of The Opposer

TVLPA are an anonymous group of musicians from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their core members sorcerers working within the Draconian current of occultist Thomas Karlsson’s Left Hand Path initiatory order, the Dragon Rouge. A sigil of sound, each piece is assembled with intent, opening gateways and guiding the listener through passages inaccessible to all but the most resolute and fearless. What constitutes “Ritual Music”, really? The endless amounts of Ambient scores that serve as background fodder for little more than exercises in New Agey meditation, or carefully constructed compositions that not only require the listener to meet them halfway, but to become an active participant? TVPLA are brazenly among the latter. “Mountain Of The Opposer” is case in point. While undeniably Industrial in approach, there is a hypnotic quality to each of the nine tracks. Undulating electronic howls meet pulsating rhythms, voices appear as waning mist, ripple and swell, then recede into the murk. Subdued, diverging textures give way to intense, throbbing beats. I believe I even detected a didgeridoo. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. But alas, to preach only the cogitative applications of this release would be a disservice. There’s enough meat here to keep one occupied on a purely entertainment level. Aside from the Ambient pieces, there is a nod to the bygone days of the experimental Industrial vanguards. Regardless of your approach, TVLPA is undoubtedly worth your time.

Label: Malignant Records / Belzebez
Cat#: TumorCD95 / BLZBZ0004
Artist: TVLPA
Format: Album, 9 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 17 April 2016
Artwork by Thomas Martin Ekelund (Trepaneringsritualen)

1. Dragon Mound - 07:18
2. Khk-Amdjar - 06:24
3. Mountain Sermon - 06:38
4. The Becoming I - 07:45
5. Ko-Phu - 03:41
6. Baukha - 10:07
7. Ḍāka Yantra - 06:18
8. Void Shaped Mudra - 03:47
9. Descent And Rebirth - 05:10

[TumorCD98] Beyond Enclosure - Dungeon Of Total Void

Prominent S&M inspired electronics is not a new theme, but it has been a long time since such a vital voice has arisen. Enter Beyond Enclosure. With their debut recording Dungeon of Total Void, this Portuguese duo fronted by Samantha Diabolik with the assistance of Andre Coelho (of the now defunct Sektor 304 and operating here as "The Analyst"), have assembled an imposing homage to discomfort, pain, and pleasure. Built around a foundation of subversive and deviant themes, the eight tracks here undulate and throb with malfunctioning electronics, noxious, droning wavelengths, brooding, low slung bass, and malevolent psychoacoustics, with a stream of processed vocal instructions and commands that create a heightened sense of tension and unease. It's a brilliant display and musically should find immediate appeal among fans of Puce Mary, IRM, Sewer Goddess, and Haus Arafna.

Label: Malignant Records
Cat#: TumorCD98
Artist: Beyond Enclosure
Format: Album, 8 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 12 August 2016

1. Into The Dungeon - 04:39
2. Autoerotik Punishment - 10:37
3. Electrical Surrender - 08:02
4. Basement Paraphilia - 04:55
5. Vortex Of Steel Into Flesh - 06:33
6. Forceful Acquisition Of Faith - 07:00
7. Chain Of Command - 08:04
8. Black Rubber Man V2 - 06:27

[TumorLP92] Phragments - All Towers Must Fall

Ships July 6th! The all new, fifth full-length album of Phragments is unmistakably dark ambient in nature, yet the overall feeling of the songs is more industrial this time. Moving a step further into harsher territory, "All Towers Must Fall" brings together dark ambience, heavily treated field recordings, classical instruments and also analogue synths, all echoing with orchestral grandeur. Phragments still follow a rather abstract and minimalist path, but this time the compositions have a touch of subtle chaos. With the atmosphere ranging from brooding to menacing, “All Towers Must Fall” is a gripping journey through desolate darkness, a gaze into the endless abyss.

Label: Malignant Records
Cat#: TumorLP92
Artist: Phragments
Formats: EP, 6 x File, Digital / Vinyl
Released: 27 June 2016
Composed, Arranged & Recorded from 2013 to 2015 by Phragments (Matej Gyarfas)
Mastered byJohn Stillings at Steel Hook Audio
Cover design by Nenad Branković (Nenbra)

1. All Towers Must Fall - 7:19
2. The Iron Well - 9:04
3. The Fire Still Burns - 6:40
4. Withdrawal - 6:53
5. Defiance - 7:17
6. Into Nothing - 6:51

[Infect18] Black Earth - Diagrams Of A Hidden Order

Debut digital recording for Spain's cryptic collective Black Earth that continues the path laid down by 2014's well received "A Cryptic Howl of Morbid Truth" cassette (Graceless Recordings). "Diagrams of a Hidden Order" presents us with three tracks showcasing their turbulent strain of blackened noise, that stretches the boundaries of black metal, death metal and dark ambient respectively, thus amplifying these genres into darker territory few have explored. Within the turbulence of chaos and bleakness, there exists fleeting form and (un)structure that is shattered and rebuilt over and over again; measured percussion, whispered incantations, and sudden outbursts of unseen violence. A truly potent alchemical document in practice. In 4 panel digipak, limited 500 copies. Special limited cassette edition also available from In Solace Publishing. Strongly recommended for fans of Gnaw Their Tongues, MZ.412, Theologian and all things lightless.

Label: Malignant Records / In Solace Publishing
Cat#: Infect 18 / ISP.002
Artist: Black Earth
Formats: EP, 3 x File, Digital / CD / Cassette
Released: 30 June 2016
Composed by Alejandro Durán (electronics, tape loops, drones), Miguel A. García (electronics, sampler, sound manipulations) & Alejandro Tedín (guitar, bass, synth, voice)
In conspiracy with Jordi Farré (drums), Ignacio Grosman (voice), Marta Sainz (voice), Miguel Souto (voice, guitar) & Mikel Vega (guitar)
Recorded at The Hidden Lodge, MMXV
Drums recording by Abyssal at Ered's Rehearsal room
Edited, Mixed & Produced by Miguel A. García
Mastered by Zack Allen at Obsidian Eye Studios
Artwork by Alejandro Tedín

1. Mantric Resonances Along Fields Of Dissolution - 6:49
2. Upon Labyrinths Of Broken Mirrors - 5:41
3. To Cloak A Nebulous Sun - 6:22

[EK4T3 Collective] D4rk3r Side - Debut EP

Label: EK4T3
Artist: D4rk3r Side
Format: EP, 5 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 21 July 2016

1. Chained - 2:09
2. Glitter Wounds Syndrome - 4:25
3. Kinda Magical Status - 3:33
4. Remind Me Who U Are - 5:22
5. S.O.V. (EP Version) - 6:04