Thursday, November 29, 2012

Headphone Commute - Howl Of The Demon Night Of The Werewolf (11-06-2012)

Headphone Commute - Howl Of The Demon Night Of The Werewolf (11st June 2012)

As the darkness settled comfortably for its turn to rule, the Creature With 6 Billion Faces And 1 Heart took over the music. First appearing on these pages beneath the cloak of a troll, this personality pushed the buttons of unsuspecting visitors, urging them to open their ears to music, which was beyond the beyond. Finally, getting my full attention, I presented an opportunity to showcase the sounds instead of the words. This mix is the result of our understanding. Scratching on your ear canal and clawing at your secrets, the Howl Of The Demon Night Of The Werewolf pushes the envelope past any structure of rhythm and noise. This is as dark as it gets, and definitely not for the lighthearted. Remember I warned you.

01. Deer Man - Dark Woods
02. Radiodrama - Day Of The Dead
03. Lustmord - Ixaxaar
04. Ah Cama-Sotz - The Howl Of/The Werewolf
05. Speedranch & Janskynoise - 2nd Gen Exist Slowly
06. Sielwolf - Freitag
07. The Beyond - Part 1 Book Of Revelations
08. Wilt - Violent Waters
09. Propergol - Wood Trash (Survival Version)
10. Wilt - Burden Of Flies
11. Propergol - Gruesome (Chair Et Crochet)
12. Schloss Tegal - Cannibal Communion
13. Schloss Tegal - Bind Torture Kill (Btk)
14. Schloss Tegal - Certificate Of The Wound
15. Megaptera - The Offering (Remixed Connor Nut)
16. Melek Tha - Pestilence (Remixed Conor Nutt)
17. Saw 3 - The Rack ! (Remixed Conor Nutt)
18. Idiot Savant - Monstrous

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