Thursday, November 29, 2012

[NTR025] Daemian ‎- Incubation

From Paris, France; NTR is proud to present a new producer, Daemian with his first release - a concept album of symphonic, industrial darkcore : Incubation. Epic in scope and sound, this release is set in the year 2048 during a global nuclear conflict. A wave of strange phenomena is sweeping the planet - the dead have risen, suicide is epidemic and even the animal kingdom has gone stark raving mad. Amidst the chaos, terror and desolation a new army of destruction stalks the apocalyptic wastelands led by Daemian, the master of Hell! 'Incubation' is the story of his daemonic rise to power...

Label: Night Terror Recordings
Cat#: NTR025
Artist: Daemian
Format / Download: 5 x File, Digital EP
Released: 2009

1. The Day Of Resurrection - 4:20
2. Destruction - 3:17
3. The Suicide Solution - 4:17
4. Chaos - 4:45
5. Daemian - 4:23

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