Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ben Harder ft. Cubic Nomad - Ben Harder Show 222 (Q-dance Radio) 18-12-2012

18-12-2012: Ben Harder Show Episode 222: Cubic Nomad

This musical nomad is active in the scene for many years. Nowadays he runs the labels "Dark. Descent.", "Dark Industry", "Blacklight Sessions" and "Spirit Of Progress". Besides "Cubic Nomad" he is also known by the names "The Relic" and "Hidden Rooms". He mostly produces heavy industrialized beats. This month the massive album "Earth 2" was released on the "Dream Machine" label from "Noisj". The previous album of "Cubic Nomad", "Light Errant" from 2011 and other "Cubic" releases are mostly industrial hardcore-techno based, but the "Earth 2" album characterized itself as trip hop, downtempo and ambient.
Besides producer, labelmanager and dj this guy is one of the founders of the "Ben Harder Show"
In this episode ofcourse an interview and he will play a special "Cubic Nomad" industrial hardcore techno mix with only "Cubic" tracks.

Hour 1
Reign - Light And Dark (The Next Dimension) (BHS Hardcore Classic)
Cubic Nomad - Timefall
Somatic Responses - In The Dirt
Speakerdeamon - Deathwalker
CH3OH - Bathroom Warrior
Sei2ure - Indigo
Murmure - The New Beginning
Cubic Nomad - Animals
Da Goose - De Gouden Engel
The Relic - The Machines
AK-Industry & Dystopik - Skull And bones

Hour 2
Cubic Nomad - Revolt
Innovative - Severe Distress
AK-Industry & The Relic - Your God
Panic - Doing It All
Pandorum Feat. Ruffneck - Bitcore
Embrionyc - Protector
Mindwalker - Touched
Sinister Souls feat. Dub Elements - Diablo
Dub Elements Feat Counterstrike - Loaded
Zanthrax - Dark by nature (Replica by Cubic Nomad)
Cubic Nomad - Amaury
Omnicide - Drowning In The Mainstream

Hour 3
Hyena - Whales Attackng The Suboceanic Interconnect (BHS Break van de Week)
Cubic Nomad - The Day We Left The Earth
Chimera - Death Dealer
Desolation - The Other World
Frame Of Mind - Jessica Alba
Broken Rules - Possibilities
Omkara Techichi - Terrors Of Darkness
Omnicide - Drowning In The mainstream (Embrionyc's Engulf Version) (BHS Retseketser)
Enzyme X ñ Rauwkost
Furyan - Conflict
D-Passion - $ellout

Hour 4 (Technoid mix by Cubic Nomad)
Cubic Nomad & Xtematic - The Darkness Never Heals
Cubic Nomad - Drum Warning
Cubic Nomad - Eternal Believer
Weisses Rauschen - The Energy We Need (Cubic Nomad Artificial Energy Mix)
Cubic Nomad - Seeker
Cubic Nomad & Xtematic - Confession Of My Inner Voice
Cubic Nomad ft. The Relic - Walker
Cubic Nomad - The Birth Of Man
Carnage & Cluster - Annihilation (Cubic Nomad Remix)
Cubic Nomad - Outsiders
Embrionyc & Cubic Nomad - Houses Of God
Cubic Nomad - Revolution Is On
Cubic Nomad - Black Tower
Cubic Nomad - Antidote
Matt Green - Searching For The Lord (Cubic Nomad Remix)
Zanthrax - Dark By Nature (Replica By Cubic Nomad)

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