Friday, December 21, 2012

Dathura Suavolens - The Prophecy (EP)

Through the fusion of diverse musical elements this project re-open the range of possibilities. The musical experimentation and magic employed in this work does not mean dilution or complete destruction of what is true and traditional. When working well, the experimentation shows us how the art is fluid in all human manifestations.
In "The Prophecy" we will talk about Nhamandu, or Nhanderuvuçu, that in primitive brazilian religion is the creative force which is behind all creation, as the first and last, it is past present and future, the Lord/Queen whose body emanates First night, and it's head, according to indigenous stories, exudes all the wisdom and knowledge, as does the Lord of the Witches. But we also know that not only of light is the universe, all matter has its antimatter and we all have a part which is ignored and misunderstood, what psychoanalytic theory calls "id" is the point that the project aims for a limbic path through the labyrinthine stairs. So then, the star Draconis offers us a chance to face our most high enemy: ourselves. It starts from this point, descent through the grand staircase of the Kingdom of the Dead (Descending to Elfham), for the final and ultimate battle. On the road we meet the wrathful Kali, inspiring his melody, destroying everything in its transformative dance to finally end the Prophecy of the Man who forged in blood and fire, reborn as the Perfect Warrior'. The meeting of this whole journey is rewarded for Glory and Honor to some but for others, the struggle will end on the battlefield.

Artist: Dathura Suavolens
Title: The Prophecy
License: Creative Commons
Released: 8th February 2012
Rights: (c) David C. Silva (Dathura Suavolens)
Publisher: Heretic Witches Inc.
Coverage: São Paulo, SP / BRAZIL

1. Nhamandu
2. Our Lord Of Witche
3. Draconis (or Ritvs Draconigenae)
4. Descending to Elfhame
5. Kali Yuga
6. The Prophecy

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