Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ben Harder ft. Embrionyc - Ben Harder Show 221 (Q-dance Radio) 11-12-2012

11-12-2012 Ben Harder Show - Episode 221: Embrionyc

This German guy is known for his slow, hard, trancy, melodic industrial hardcore. 2012 had some highlights for him like his first album "Another Sleepless Night" on the "Dark." Descent. label. He also started his own label "Mind In Motion" as a sublabel of "Noisj". This year he also played on some Dutch parties like "Club r_AW" and "Storm".
We're happy he is visiting our show for an interview. Of course he is going to play a massive dj set.

Hour 1
Bio-Forge - No 1 S-capes Us (BHS Hardcore Classic)
Embrionyc & Cubic Nomad - Houses Of God
Somatic Responses - Odin
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Maximum Control Zone
Anxiety - Fear Disorder
Mindustries - Black
Embrionyc - Across The Sea
Stormtrooper - The Narcotic Impact
The Outside Agency - Forest Children
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Welcome To The Machine District
Strontium - Dark Prototype

Hour 2
Raum 107 - Lucifer - The Entity
Fzv - Doom Electro
Demanufacturer - The Only Way
Cubic Nomad - Antidote
Terrorfakt - Punishment
Embrionyc - Dance Little Bird
Collision - Solar Synthesis
Enzyme X - Tsui Pa Shien
Stolen Cult - Immortal
Chimera - The Forgotten
Frame of Mind - Jessica Alba

Hour 3 (mix by Embrionyc with unreleased tracks)
Embrionyc - The Sentences Never Caught In Words
Embrionyc - Waves Of Balls
Embrionyc - Orpheus Alone
Biomek & Embrionyc - Our Night
Embrionyc - Childhood Ends
Embrionyc - We Had Each Other
Moleculez & Embrionyc - Walk
Mirco Abete - Oceano (Embrionyc¥s Deepwater Remix)
Embrionyc - When The hate Starts To CVhange The World
Moleculez & Embrionyc - Vengeance
The Relic & Embrionyc - What Is It To Be Human?
Embrionyc - My First EVE Injection
Embrionyc - Protector
Godbuzda & Embrionyc - Juncture
Embrionyc - ID
Omnicide - Drowning In The Mainstream (Embrionyc¥s Engulf Version)
Moleculez & Embrionyc - saturn Breaks Apart

Hour 4
Embrionyc - I'll Leave Her To It
Embrionyc - Mind In Motion (BHS Retseketser)
Kasparov - Living The Dream
Dual Mechanism - Sociopath
Art Of Fighters - God's Fury
D-Passion - Good Memories
DJ Mad Dog - A Night Of Madness
The Viper & Tha Playah - Fearless
Pandorum - Raw Intelligence
Switch Technique - Origin Of Life
Razor Edge - Spookycidal
Enzyme X - Thou Shalt Consume Thyself

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