Saturday, December 01, 2012

Fifth Era @ Beyond The Realms Of Doom 04-06-2011

"FIFTH ERA dj team at OCCII Amsterdam Ketacore kassette release party"
The Lurker at "Beyond the Realms of Doom" release party for the cassette of the same name,
featuring ▲ngst and Fifth Era, out now on Ketacore. venue Occii, Amsterdam / date Saturday a.y.p.s.had to chop off the intro & some of the last tracks due to time limit on this site. Haels and thanks to:
Joris Capslock, Baron Stefan Staalhard, Tommy Angst, Luke and the guys and girls from Occii, Mono-Amine, Daniel Raum 107, Thomas AnTrax, Robin, & almost everyone else really but especially them.
no thanks to the idiot that told me i should have played "more Fifth Era" - LMFAO - you're an imbecile.!!

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