Monday, December 31, 2012

Jesus F. Christ pres. Hölle - Demo Mix 31-12-2012

"I started a Drone/Dark Ambient project this past summer called Hölle.
This is a mix I made of some inspirational tracks that I gave to a select few friends.
As for Hölle productions, I'm still working on them. You may see those in 2013. Keep your fingers crossed."
Jesus F. Christ

01. Svartsinn - Emptiness Is Form
02. Epsilon Eridani - Disturbance II
03. Inner Vision Laboratory - Ashes Of Perfection
04. Phobos - Entering The 9th Circle
05. Svartsinn - Misanthropic Odyssey (Visions Mix)
06. Troum - Pina
07. Phelios - Mountains of Madness
08. Sunmoon - Nightsky II
09. Nagual Art - Mondwinter
10. CrepusculaR - Entropy

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