Sunday, December 30, 2012

Marzip☭n! - Blank Rites Of The Lost Girls

For the songs itself, it relies heavily on samples: Rites of Maida Vale contains some percussions from Crackbusting Angels of Mater Suspiria Vision, The Wartimes Broadcast, an excerpt of The Bird by the amazing swedish artist Scout Klas, The Carrousel mash-up both the fourth movement of Messiaen's Quator Pour La Fin Des Temps and the "Kaze no Tani no Naushika" soundtrack and finally The Day The World Died (05261984) use somes of Delia Derbyshire sound manipulation made for the BBC Workshop and (if I remenber well) a heavily transform sample from Dans Le Club from the french hip hop band TTC.
For the most obvious, !tsirhC suseJ hO !droL hO use the end scene of "The Wicker Man" (actually sampled from Blood Axis' The Gospel Of Inhumanity), Valerie the beautiful soundtrack Luboš Fišer made for "Valerie A Týden Divů", Frozen Warnings (Harvested) samples Nico's Frozen Warnings. Finally, She Brings the Rain, already released on the single Covers WIP, is a Can song.
All the rest is original material, mixing old sound I made years ago, Chopped & Screwed techniques, synth wave manipulation and pitched up/down vocals.
The album was made using GarageBand, I only used the reverse effect from the Audacity freeware.

As for the inspiration, music apart, the album reference numerous movies from the 70's and early 80's: Miyazaki's "Kaze no Tani no Naushika", "Valerie A Týden Divů", "The Wicker Man", as noted above, but also, the classic Doctor Who serial "The Deadly Assassin" (Ecstasy & Rapture In The Eye Of Harmony), the 1984 BBC film "Threats" (The Day The World Died (05261984), "Logan's Run" in The Carrousel, and finally, both "2001: A Space Odyssey", its follow-up "2010: The Year We Make Contact" and The Doctor Who Chrismas Special "Voyage Of The Damned" are reference in Sol-5 Moon 6.
Obviously, Blood On Santa's Claw is a hommage to the cult british folk horror film "Blood On Satan's Claw".

A last word on the sound of the album: originally exported from GarageBand as low-rate mp3 and artificially transform as AIFF, it was not a mastering mistake but a real intention to provoke slight gliches to the general sound of the album. Consequently, the streaming of the album might be awfully bad.
That about what I have to say on this album. Take it as an archive of what Marzip☭n! could have been, as it is now far from this type of sound.

Artist: Marzip☭n!
Released 31 March 2012

01. Valerie - 04:28
02. Ecstasy & Rapture In The Eye of Harmony - 03:35
03. !tsirhC suseJ hO !droL hO - 04:52
04. The Wartime Broadcast - 04:20
05. Blood On Santa's Claw - 07:21
06. Rites Of Maida Vale - 03:29
07. Frozen Warnings (Harvested) - 04:07
08. The Carrousel - 03:39
09. She Brings The Rain - 05:04
10. Sol-5 Moon 6 - 07:53
11. The Day The World Died (05261984) - 02:58

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