Sunday, December 30, 2012

[VC043] Sadistician - Grim-sanity

Grim-sanity: An exploration of both my respect for the Norwegian Black Metal Scene and my fucked-up sense of humour...

Label: Viral Conspiracy Records
Cat#: VC043
Released: 22 January 2012
Style: Black Metal, Breakcore, Speedcore
Format: 4 x File, MP3, Digital EP
Track A1 originally by Mayhem (All hail Dead and Euronymous!) and ultimately re-gurigtated by Sadistician
Track A2 originally by Emperor and demonically reconstructed by Sadistician
Tracks A3-B3 written, arranged and produced by Sadistician
Samples in track B2 stolen from Anal Blast
Samples in track B3 stolen from Jam (Chris Morris is a fucking god!)
All tracks mastered by Angel Enemy
Licensed by Viral Conspiracy Records (c) 2012
All artwork (c) 2012 by Mattia Travaglini and Viral Conspiracy Records

1. Sadistician - A1 - When It's Cold, And When It's Dark (Remix of Mayhem - The Freezing Moon) - 05:07
2. Sadistician - A2 - I Am Them (Remix of Emperor - I Am The Black Wizards) - 05:35
3. Sadistician - A3-B1 - Untitled - 01:58
4. Sadistician - B2 - Jerkin' Off To Soap Operas In The Afternoon - 05:39
5. Sadistician - B3 - I Am The Black Lizards - 07:41

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