Sunday, January 27, 2013

Demanufacturer @ Intersection 26-01-2013

This up and coming producer is putting his mark on the industrial hardcore scene. His tracks are being played around the globe and he’s also hosting his own series of parties in The Hague by the name of Machinery. When throwing down a DJ set, Demanufacturer presents an intriguing mixture of powernoise and industrial hardcore fused together into a pounding mass, taking the place apart one distorted kick at a time.

This set is the opening set for the community driven crossbreed party Intersection, a party for and by fans of anything industrial, hardcore and crossbreed!!

02. The Outside Agency - The Wandering Mind
03. Fracture 4 - Mortal Message 2012
04. Demanufacturer & Embrionyc - Mercury
05. Demanufacturer - Project Giger (working title)
06. Ophidian - Skinbitten
07. Cubic Nomad - Black Ttower
08. Biomek - Realm Of Existence
09. Demanufacturer - The Only Way
10. Dulce Liquido - Reaxxxion
11. Demanufacturer - End of Line
12. Fifth Era - Grieve With Me (Mono-Amine Remix)
13. Endymion - Power Of Knowledge
14. Ybrid - Vortiko
15. Dr. Strange - The Land Runs Red (The Outside Agency Remix)
16. Ybrid - Mystica
17. Demanufacturer - Death Support System V2

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