Thursday, January 17, 2013

[SPNet071] Phantasm Nocturnes - Cannibal Rites

Building off of PHANTASM NOCTURNES' last effort on SP, MEMORIES IN A BROKEN MIND, CANNIBAL RITES is inspired by a number of cannibal-themes horror films from the early 1980s, such as Cannibal Massacre and Cannibal Ferox. This tribal imagery is present throughout the album with aboriginal drumming and chanting popping up here and there while big fat synths, grinding dark ambience, and screams swell up like some ancient god's teeth gnashing a human sacrifice. Whereas Pollux's SPNet piece Tribe's Dream was full of possibility, this tribe only knows fear, pain, and agonizing death.

Label: SP Recordings
Cat#: SPNet071
Artist: Phantasm Nocturnes
Title: Cannibal Rites
Format: 5 x File, Digital EP
Released: 17 December 2012
Composed by Betty Koster

1. Impending Doom (1:54)
2. The Hunt (3:30)
3. Prelude To Death (3:08)
4. Cannibal Rites (6:25)
5. Survival Of The Fittest (3:36)

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