Thursday, February 07, 2013

Low Entropy - Pitchless Industries (iLL FM) 07-02-2013

Low Entropy has in the past released on labels such as Praxis, Widerstand, Blut. Lately his music has been released digitally, by himself and by labels like Artskorps' K-net or Viral Conspiracy Records.
It's hard to pinpoint him down to a specific genre or style, but nowadays his focus is largely on dark ambient and techno productions. His mix for Pitchless Radio is special, since the concept is to put together some of his longest tracks only, ranging from 7 to 14 minutes for each track.

1. Low Entropy - Cyberspace (Original 14 Minute Version)
2. Low Entropy - Relax
3. Low Entropy - Futuristic 2
4. Low Entropy - Futuristic 3
5. Low Entropy - Futuristic 1
6. Low Entropy - Opus 1

Download (Length 58:20, 320kbps MP3) on Mediafire

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