Monday, February 18, 2013

Mahr - Summon The Serpent (17-02-2013)

"It is the church who had made the symbol of the serpent as evil, for the serpent signifies wisdom and free thought that lies within each one of us. It is the power that we have in “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW” and “ AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT”; that you simply do not obtain from an outside source, such as the church or a religion. Hence, this is why wisdom and reasoning has always been an enemy of religion and why the church has persecuted this learning as “evil”, and the followers of truth, wisdom and reasoning as evil serpents, sons of Satan or dogs."
- Mahr

01. Capricia - Only Light to Clear Away
02. G△Z△ - The P-Files
03. Faces Of Bélmez - Cruentate
04. Burial Hex - Fantasia
05. Implex Grace - Waves: Golden Light Beams
06. N.Strahl.N & Phytagora - Turme, Feuer Frei
07. I†† - Time Capsule
08. Sorrow - 21.12.2012
09. Zitan - Frame
10. Veins - Serdce Moe
11. Corvx De Timor - Golden Handcuffs
12. Utu Lautturi - How Not To Kill In Eighty Beats Per Minute
13. Gnaw Their Tongues - The Golden Altar Burns
14. Mahr - Dreaming Of The Dream