Friday, March 01, 2013

Frozenfields - Black Lodge Witch (01-03-2013)

One of my aspirations is to create a musical space in which David Lynch's hauntology and Dario Argento's black-gloved Euro-occult attitude would coexist.
This goes out to my lovely friend Kanjena, who's done a lot to bring me to the point where I am now, the point of quiet, deceptively fragile, always nocturnal power.

01. Prosymna - Theme From Suspiria
02. Suffering Astrid - Divining the Impending Wave
03. In Death It Ends - Advocate
04. ▲NGST - Keep The Fear From Your Mind
05. Pindar - Bloodline
06. Umberto - Widow Of The Web
07. Mater Suspiria Vision - Labyrinths Of Venice
08. D3∆†hh CvL† - Love After Midnight
09. Okk▼l† K▲†† - ΞИDØF†HΞWØRLD
10. The Electric Nature - Shut Yr Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames
11. Micro Naps - Darkness is Never Destroyed, It is Only Locked Away
12. V‡S KULT - U Possess Me
13. Veils - Marble Eyes
14. Blvck Ceiling - Lost Highway
15. Tineidae - Hollow Lullaby

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