Saturday, March 23, 2013

Frozenfields - Giallo Witch "The Trauma Academy" (23-03-2013)

This mix is woven out of sighs, crying, echoes, instincts, and the unconscious. I wanted to render the Moebius strip of trauma and the extra-normal aesthetically, letting the music itself be a journey through a traumatogenic labyrinth.

“The Abyss Experience is the vortex and dark foreboding space of the trauma experience. […] Abyss is used synonymously with the word ‘Hell’ and a ‘place of evil darkness,’ to connote primal chaos, the infernal netherlands of perdition and purgatory, the world of sinister forces and depravity. The Hell of the abyss also refers to the diabolic, supernatural, wicked, demonic, shadowy foreboding space, psychological ‘black hole’ of horrific pain; the realm of the damned. The Abyss represents dangerous, ungodly, ugly, cursed, and unimaginable sadistic, aggressive, and horrific torturous experiences.”

Yes, I want to be whole again.

01. Goblin - Sighs
02. Crystal Plumage - Three Mothers
03. BLΛXLΞΞP - Elegy IV Sattan
04. Mater Suspiria Vision - Trauma Macabre
05. Night Light - †▲M ▲C▲DEMY
06. ▲NDRΛS - A Stab in the Dark
07. Dathura Suavolens - Mater Tortura et Homicidium
08. SIDEWALKS And SKELETONS - Message From The Dead
09. (o)†hers - She's Coming
10. Prosymna - Theme From Suspiria
11. M‡яc▲ll▲ - Ŧhє BŁΛCK QUЄЄŊ
12. Curt Crackrach - Theme from an Imaginary Giallo
13. CrackZilla - 30 Hours of Pain
14. Nadja - Breakpoint
15. DE▲TH▲CO▲ST - Requiem for a Witch
16. Fifty Grand - Leaving The Body

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