Monday, March 11, 2013

Frozenfields - Inside The Black Lodge (11-03-2013)

The fierce, the satanic, the primal, the perverse, the wild, the possessed, the supernatural, the fucked, the intoxicated, the chilling, the mournful, the nightmarish, the near-silent, that from which there is no return.

It's advisable to look at the things that happen at the Black Lodge obliquely. But we won't. We'll go from savage drugged fever to pure sonic darkness, in which the demons feast on creamed corn, pain, and sorrow. And if you're wondering about that echo-haunted, pulsating sound, the sound infused with inexplicable footsteps and silence, it's time going backwards, slowly, laboriously, and painfully, like it does when one's soul is trapped.

You want to know me? Do you? Do you *think* you want to know me? You'll wake up from this narcotic dream just *not* to know. Some dreams are more terrifying than reality and what wakes up the dreamer is the unbearable reality surging up within them. You'll wake up in order not to know.

Artwork "Lurking Shadow" by Brett Amory
Mixed by Frozenfields

01. Shemale - Opening The Astral Doors
02. Mater Suspiria Vision ft. How I Quit Crack - (These Are The Last 7 Days In The Life Of) Laura Palmer
03. Skumstar - Smooth
04. Sticky Monkey - Erotic Cadaver
05. This Morn' Omina - (The) Rûach (Of God)
06. Dark Frequencer - Dimensions Of Darkness
07. We Are The World - Afire
08. Die Form - Incubus
09. Ω╪Ω (Sycorax) - NekromΔntiΔ ΔntiseΧisτ
10. Modern Witch - Cinema
11. Lace Passione - Королева выпускного бала | Prom Queen
12. Dead Virgin - DIE
13. ▲NGST - Ungodly
14. The Ceremonial Dagger - It's Not Real
15. ▽✝▼▲£Ď‡ - $lu✝$ feat. Death Perception
16. G△Z△ - Celestial Orgy (Mahr Drone Mix)
17. Mulholl▲nd Drive - Burst Into Fire And The Angels Wouldn't Help You
18. Forgotten Vinyls - We will all Die in this Room
19. I†† - Blu Rose Murders
20. Phantasm Nocturnes - Rising Madness
21. Trans Atlantic Rage - In This Realm There is a Monster
22. Sal Solaris - Lullabies III
23. Angelo Badalamenti - Love Theme Farewell

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