Monday, March 25, 2013

[IF-33] Aghast Manor - Penetrate

As Andrea explains: ” Penetrate is in a way for me a journey through the typical clandestine stereotypes of different European countries, like the songs ’Fleur De Marie’ and ’Today Is My Day’ with atmospheres of Paris’ shady cabarets and colourful harlots. Or songs like ’Asylum ’45’ and ’Worship Me’ with images of Dominas, German asylums and wicked wardens, or the mighty ’The Venice Murder’ which is supposed to invoke images of Venice gloom, phantoms and poisoners, or the bizarre song ’Spy On The Wall’ which reminds me of a James Bond movie with all the creepy Eastern spies jumping from behind doors... Aghast Manor has a lot of ’Galgenhumor’ and I want the music to be there for everybody who likes to enjoy a little strange and haunting’s best enjoyed alone at night!”

...More reading via the press release (.pdf)

Label: Infinite Fog Productions
Cat#: IF-33
Artist: Aghast Manor
Format: Album, 10 x file, Digital (CD and LP soon)
Released: 18 February 2013
2013 Dreamside
All tracks are written by Andréa Nebel
Track 10 remixed by Bjørn Jeppesen

01. Penetrate
02. Worship Me
03. Asylum '45
04. Fleur De Marie
05. Today Is My Day
06. Midnight Poison
07. Spy On The Wall
08. The Venice Murder
09. Asylum '45 (End)
10. The Nun Of St. Claire Abbey (Darktrance Mix)

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