Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kratarknathrak - 666

Kratarknathrak was the first fully electronic project and where Krat got his name inside TPROE. After releasing a bunch of CDr's, one vinyl LP one CD and several download releases the project was on hold for a few years. After writing some very dark IDM/Ambient tracks, it is time to release the first new Kratarknathrak album in 6 years!

Sleeve is all witchhousy, instagram and sexy (because that sells!) and the model on it has a facebook here (Sharuzen).
Like if you like the girl!

Artist: Kr▲†▲rkn▲†hr▲k
Format: EP, 4 x file, Digital
Released: 16 March 2013
Written and Produced by Pieter Winkelaar
At the Bulb Area 51 Research Facility

1. Before The Storm - 10:16
2. Unsquare - 04:10
3. Bigger On The Inside - 16:52
4. 666 - 06:18
5. Seduction - 11:36

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