Tuesday, March 19, 2013

[ND46] The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Under Stress

Under Stress had the hard task following up on Monopoly Of Violence and much pressure was on TPROE to follow up on that. "Under Stress" was however somewhat more technoish and experimental. The album did good, but not as good as MOV because of lack of a big clubhit. Still one song from this album we still play regularly live, while we rarely do MOV stuff nowadays in our recent more hardcore/doomcore sound.

Thematic this album is about peak oil and the downfall of our civilization. In those days, the downfall was expected to come pretty fast, but like we now know the downfall will actually be slow and crawling up on us. Many themes on this album are becoming reality now, so like MOV this album paints an quite acurate picture of the times we are living in now, and times which will come in the coming years. It ain't gonna be pretty, and thats what "Under Stress" is all about.

Label: New Darkness Recordings
Cat#: ND46
Artist: The Peoples Republic Of Europe
Format: Album, 12 x file, CD Audio / Digital
Released: February 2006 (CD) 19 March 2013 (Digital)
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Bulb Area 51 Research Facility by Pieter Winkelaar
Photography by Spermblaster
Noises programmed by Krat
Vocals by [Noir]

1. Under Stress - 04:10
2. Conveyerbelt - 04:39
3. In Control - 05:02
4. Cathedral Of Ice- 07:36
5. In Isolation - 04:37
6. Damnation Train - 04:50
7. Disaster Psychology - 04:25
8. In Despair - 05:18
9. Black Out - 05:26
10. The Oligarchy - 05:10
11. Die Off - 05:32
12. The Long Decline - 08:20

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