Friday, April 26, 2013

Niereich - Naked Lunch Podcast 046 (26-04-2013)

Austrian artist Niereich earned his laurels with records for Nachtsrom Schallplatten, DMOM, Mastertraxx TK Records and Construct Rhythm and already remixed tracks from Space Djz, Tom Hades, Torsten Kanzler, Chris Hope & Andre Walter, D-Unity, AnGy KoRe, Virgil Enzinger, Octave and many more. As DJ/live act/producer and label co-owner of AUDIO STIMULATION he serves as a true multi-purpose weapon. Recently he played in Tresor Berlin, U60311 Frankfurt Las Dalias IBIZA, Amsterdam Dance Event or at the biggest German in- and outdoor events MAYDAY, RUHR in LOVE and NATURE ONE, he is always rocking as there’s no tomorrow!

Niereich returns to Naked Lunch Podcast with a full force, high energy techno assault!

01. Gary Beck - Campana
02. Planetary Assault Systems - Rip The Cut
03. Dj Emerson - Brokery (Kalden Bess Remix)
04. Andres Gil & Dezet - Chop
05. Kraemer & Niereich - Unity
06. Thomas Krome - Dynamic Reflection
07. ID (Kraemer & Niereich Remix)
08. A. Mochi - Squeal 3
09. Frankyeffe - Monster
10. Positive Merge - Zombie City (Monoline Remix)
11. Frankyeffe - B.O.M.B.
12. Bas Mooy - Odd Rock (Pfirter Remix)
13. Wilko - Work your Body (Kraemer & Niereich Remix)
14. Thomas P. Heckmann - Rise & Fall (Kraemer & Niereich Remix)
15. Kraemer & Niereich (Unreleased Track)

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