Thursday, April 18, 2013

SA†AN - Hell Kitchen #93 (11-04-2013)

Aired the 11th Аpril 2013, 23:00 at Moscow on Dirt Lab Audio
Hell Kitchen Radioshow #93 Special Guest: SA†AN from St Petersburg (Russia)

SA†AN: breakcore/drum 'n bass producer from Russia. Began experimenting with sound in 2006. His career began with darkstep drum and bass, but in a short time in the work of the project also began to show the influence of hardcore and metal music, which eventually led to the style of breakcore, which will significantly expand the boundaries of sound, opening the way for new experiments. However, undergoing various transformations, unchanged in music has always been an emphasis on toughness and uncompromising. And today, the sound of SA†AN project lies at the junction of such styles as breakcore, darkstep, speedcore and metal.

Peace Off Digit, Acid Samovar, Sustained, Foulplay, Monstersound, Mindsaw, Black Hoe, Wicked Area, Rus Zud, Deadpixel, Distortion, Deadlines, Cuntroll, Infectech, NKS.

01. SA†AN - Reptile
02. SA†AN - Monster
03. Brainpain & SA†AN - Death Wants You (VIP)
04. SA†AN - They Will See You
05. SA†AN - Everything is Nothing
06. SA†AN - Sick Generation
07. Brainpain & SA†AN - Death Wants You
08. SA†AN - Necrocore
09. Dj Skull Vomit - Funeral Class (SA†AN Remix)
10. SA†AN - Premonition
11. SA†AN - Time to Fight
12. SA†AN - Believe in Death
13. SA†AN - We Have Returned
14. SA†AN - Your Own Hell
15. SA†AN - Rest in Pandemonium

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