Monday, May 27, 2013

The Ghost Of The Weed Garden - Electronic Phantasmagoria 2 (14-06-2012)

Another collection of commercially unavailable electronic soundtracks from the 60s and 70s. All from sleazy horror/occult films. They were ripped from the audio tracks then mixed into a one hour long phantasmagoric brainscape. Most of these films didn't make it to DVD, so expect all the hiss, crackle, sound drop outs, distortion, abrupt editing that comes with vintage VHS.

01. Ring Of Darkness - Satanism Expressed Through The Medium Of Modern Dance
02. Satan War - Protect The Innocent / Into The Mirror
03. The Keeper - Caught In His Own Web
04. Visions Of Clair - An Image, A Symbol
05. La Papesse - Possibilities
06. Dark Dreams - Red Candles And Black Robes
07. Satan's Lust - Gaze With Satsfaction Upon My Foul Act
08. Blood Orgy Of The She Devils - Psychedelic Eyes
09. Suicide Cult - Potential For Evil
10. Bacchanale - Out Of Body Experience
11. Hot Nasties - At The Moment Of Posession
12. Visions Of Clair - The Dagger
13. Curse of the Alpha Stone - Alchemy
14. Ring Of Darkness - We Don't Drink Blood Or Sacrifice Children

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