Monday, May 27, 2013

The Ghost Of The Weed Garden - Electronic Phantasmagoria (21-04-2012)

A collection of commercially unavailable electronic soundtracks from the 60s and 70s. All taken from low budget sleazy horror films. I ripped my favourite pieces of Moog madness from the audio tracks then mixed them together into a one hour long phantasmagoric soundscape.
None of these pieces of music have ever seen an official release.
As these are ripped from the audio track the sound quality varies. Expect some hiss, crackle, sound drop outs, distortion, abrupt editing and freaky dialogue.

01. Nude For Satan - Running Naked Towards A Light In The Forest
02. The Demon Lover - Swords of Satan
03. Madame Zenobia - Blue Sucubus
04. The Redeemer - Drowning In Sleep
05. The Devil's Men - Forbidden Chamber of The Minotaur
06. The Devil’s Plaything - Perhaps I am Under a Spell
07. Night Of The Witches - Thanatos Leaf and Hemlock Flower
08. Curse of the Alpha Stone - The Business Of A Wise Man
09. Premonition - Druggy Dream
10. The Demon Lover - The Gates Of Hell
11. Nude For Satan - Satan In Slow Motion
12. The Devil's Due - That's Why I Joined The Devil Cult
13. Deviation - Orgy Of Smoke
14. La Goulve - The Sorcerer's Bong
15. Premonition - Druggy Nightmare
16. Devil's Ecstasy - Do It For Lucifer
17. The Redeemer - From Out Of The Darkness
18. The Sorcerers - No Harm Will Come to You
19. Mark Of The Witch - The Hanging

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