Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Horrorist @ Wreck Room (Bushwick, Brooklyn) 24-05-2013

Friday night I did a DJ set at the Wreck Room in Bushwick. Bushwick has been transforming from a war zone to partly artist area for a while. Arriving on the block of the venue it reminded me of going out in the East Village in the late 80s. The Wreck Room is awash in red lights and graffiti with a long bar as soon as you enter. The sound system is wack as in not much bass but it’s loud enough and distorts in a way that feels more punk than just plain cheap. While I have been making DJing mixes for a long time I rarely play as a DJ out. I’ve been solely focused on my live act but this event signals a push to add DJ gigs to my overall repertoire. In fact I purposely didn’t promote Friday night because I wanted a warm up gig. I plan on playing a few different styles depending on where I can play. Im working on an old school EBM set and an cold wave obscur synthpop set. The first style I have ready is purely techno. You can hear about 30 minutes of what I did on Friday on Mixcloud. Track selection is really important to me and I’m spending a huge amount of time finding not only what I like but tracks that fit a certain danceable mindset. DJing and playing live feel and are very different to me. However, I do have an F1 Controller (like a little Monome) and I plan on deconstructing some of my own songs and playing them “live” in my DJ sets too. Thanks for Josh, Bill Kraemer and the others who played with me (Shawn O’ Sullivan & SSPS). To see more photos from the event on flickr.

Outside, the streets bump and buckle like 1980s beirut but inside, thanks to car part light fixtures, a pressed-tin ceiling and the rose brocade wallpaper, this cavernous, bare-brick space conjures up an atmosphere of languid libertinism that’s more like 1890s new orleans. as the name suggests, wreck room is something akin to a punk-rock community center: a pool table offers stimulation on those rare nights when djs aren’t spinning slinky industrial jams or when bands aren’t playing gritty trash rock. during the latter nights (mostly weekends), a double-doored buffer confines the din to the back room with its delightfully over-the-top tropical mural and thereby leaves the eerily indistinguishable boys and girls in black t-shirts to their earnest, tallboy-fueled conversations about the art of making ‘zines.”

01. Radical G - Sinner (Original Mix)
02. Truncate - 2.1 (Original mix)
03. Raffaele Attanasio - From Shade To Stardom (Psyk Edit)
04. Sintek - Deep Shine (Michael Schwarz Remix)
05. Loco & Jam - Titus (Original Mix)
06. Space DJz - Intrusive Nostalgia (Audio Injection remix)
07. Joy Orbison & Boddika - Mercy (Boddika VIP)
08. A. Mochi - Squeal 3 (Original Mix)
09. Radical G - Shadowdancing (George Lanham remix)
10. Petter B - Second Coming (Original Mix)
11. Mihalis Safras - Lula (Stefano Noferini Remix)
12. Dj Sneak - Special K (Shlomi Aber Remix)
13. Adriano Canzian - My Boyfirend Is Very Sexy (Millimetric Remix)
14. Johannes Heil - Heiliger Bimm Bamm (Original Mix)
15. Drumcell & Brian Sanhaji - Structure (original mix)
16. Seismal D. - Narkos (Audio Injection Remix)
17. Blackasteroid - Pressure (Len Faki Repressure)
18. Roberto Capuano - Inversion (Original Mix)
19. Boys Noize - XTC (The Chemical Brothers Remix)

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