Thursday, June 20, 2013

[DM-21] Struchni - Impending Doom

Label: Dream Machine
Cat#: DM-21
Artist: Struchni
Format: Album, 15 x file, Digital, CD Audio
Released 20 June 2013
Written & Produced by Tomislav Stojko
Mastering by Struchni
Design by Dark. Descent. Media

01. Point Of No Return (Introduction)
02. Darkening
03. Systematic Glitch
04. In The Ashes
05. Search And Destroy
06. At The Brink Of Death
07. Restless (ft. Fractured Machines)
08. Wrecking Crew (ft. Static:Reset)
09. Final Moments
10. Eradiction
11. Diminishing Hope
12. Killing Fields (ft. The Illuminati)
13. Machine Of Decay
14. Existence (ft. Make It Last)
15. People Like You, Always Die Alone

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