Saturday, June 08, 2013

Kratarknathrak - Dis

The second new Kratarknathrak album.
It might look like an EP, but with one track almost 40 minutes? Anyway, another occult work based on the river Styx and the city of Dis which is located in Hell, and a song about a tale i once heard where the dying can bless the living with their final breath.
I think this happened to me in the past at one occassion. But remember: the dying can also curse you!
All songs made april to june 2013 at the Buld Area 51 research facility.

Artist: Kr▲†▲rkn▲†hr▲k
Format: EP, 3 x file, Digital
Released: 7 June 2013
Written and Produced by Pieter Winkelaar

1. Blessed By The Dying - 07:24
2. Styx - 37:48
3. Dis - 04:41

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