Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Les Neiges Noires De Laponie - Devouring The Dark Sun (Live)

Born in 2002, the project "Les Neiges Noires De Laponie" was plunged into stasis in 2006 and recently reactivated, updated with all the advances in pure computer music. Draining crystals "flashcore" (one thinks of label Hangars-liquides) in the heart of the abyss dark ambient, return "Les Neiges Noires De Laponie" exercise their power to fascinate.
Tingling nano-tech, intimate exploration of matter, abstract constructions, labyrinthine tangles ... custom sound project invite immersion, the risk of loosing direction. They suggest the singing of the infosphere, that our environment is invisible, alienating, continuous.

This live album is produced, and performed, masterised by Alexandre Casademunt
It will be available the 15th September 2013 (CD-R Release in a DVD book jacket) for free on the web on Chase Records [CHASE - HS 07]
The difference between the web version and the material version of the live, is that the sound is significantly louder!

Pretty much compelled to write about this album….an album which is 59 minutes of pure ambient noise made danceable with all the collective beats of breakcore and deep experimentalism only never seen, the genre, which I believe it pretty new…correct me please?


Okay, another ‘core’ genre but this one is actually, well, amazing. It is basically layers and layers of ambient glistening sound akin to a lazered harsh noise that you can actually hear every noise being seared, pounding bass that drives the album as if it thinks it is gabba, there is even a trance like breakdown halfway through that strips back the noise… it can be mixed with your favourite HNW track? But that soon subsides and what is left is the breakcore IDM Harsh Noise fracture that consumes the rest of the album, it is such an amazing piece of work because it has accomplished what I always strive for, the purists dreaded ‘Cyber Noise’. The albums grants noise music a heart and souls without the need of repetition within a boring HNW track that may or may not be 59 minutes of pure stationary glum, this is 59 minutes of pure aerobic transience. Noteable aspects are the comparisons between this and many dance mix albums, except this has gnawed its teeth into the primal part of the noise scene. Imagine power electronics at a higher BPM, confusing itself in its wholly loathing as it has no other decision but to grooveride. As we traipse through this masterpiece we are only greeted with noise but under layers of distinct clarity.
To conclude the first great crossover between noise and breakcore. Salute.

01. Omega
02. Ytlisa 15
03. Sodom and Petrification
04. Oval
05. Andromeda
06. Aquila
07. Introlake B3
08. El Chupacabra
09. Cyberfuck
10. You Suffer
11. Repudians
12. Aquarius

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