Monday, July 15, 2013

[PD-LP-015/PD-091] Mater Suspiria Vision - Hollywood Necronomicon

Turn on the Hollywood Sacrifice Teleportation Machine, enter the world of the lost souls

Hollywood Necronomicon
An audiovisual concept album by Mater Suspiria Vision created in Hollywood, San Francisco and an ancient place in germany (known from Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising)

Mater Suspiria Vision's first album recorded in the USA with guest vocals by How I Quit Crack.
A harsh production that recalls early albums such as Second Coming or Crack Witch, containing rituals and requiems in memoriam of hollywood's sacrifices.

The music of an audio-visual occult mass recorded at the souls of Hollywood's Mulholland Drive, The S. Tate House and and an ancient area of Germany where Kenneth Anger once filmed Lucifer Rising.

Directed by Cosmotropia de Xam, Starring Aura

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HOLLYWOOD NECRONOMICON is available to buy on all these following formats.
Pre-order starts monday, 15th July 2013 3PM CET, Shipping in August 2013:

[PD-091] Hollywood Necronomicon in Digital on Bandcamp
₤4.99 GBP or more

£39.99 Sold Out
Available from Monday, 5th August 2013, 3PM CET: 15 EXCLUSIVE Hollywood Necronomicon Vinyl Testpressings
(silver silkscreened on black Heavy Cardboard Sleeves, Handstemped Labels, Handbound 12" Necronomicon, numbered purple Japan OBI, signed by Cosmotropia de Xam)

1st Edition Deluxe COLOR Foil Set, RED VINYL
£33.33 Sold Out (Limited to 33 copies, stock out)
Color Foil Edition Set, Red Vinyl, Laminated Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve, Color foil, Numbered 33 Japan OBI, Original unique used color slide, Newspaper, Keepbox, Bonus CDr, Aura stamp
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[PD-LP-015] 1st Edition Deluxe, RED VINYL
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Red Vinyl, Laminated Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve, Numbered 66 Japan OBI, Original used color slide "Aura Door Control", Newspaper, Bonus CDr
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[PD-LP-015] 2nd Edition Deluxe, BLACK VINYL
£19.99 (Limited to 150 copies)
(with black vinyl, deluxe gatefold sleeve with UV lamination, Japan OBI, free poster (59x42cm) and download code)

[PD-VOGUE-BOX-029] An Audio Visual Occult Mass DVDr White Box edition (Design A)
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[PD-VOGUE-BOX-029] An Audio Visual Occult Mass DVDr Black Box edition (Design B)
£12.99 (Limited to 50 copies)

[PD-VOGUE-BOX-029] An Audio Visual Occult Mass DVDr Acrylic Glass Box edition (Design C)
£12.99 (Limited to 33 copies)

[CS-BOX-006] Hollywood Necronomicon Cassette Box (with 6 interchangable artworks)
£14.99 Sold Out (Limited to 25 copies, stock out)

[CS-BOX-006] Hollywood Necronomicon Cassette
£7.99 Sold Out (Limited to 15 copies, stock out)

[COMPACT CASSETTE 5] Hollywood Necronomicon Cassette 5 black edition
£7.99 (Limited to 25 copies)

[PD-091] Hollywood Necronomicon CDr

Side A
1. A New H Of Consciousness (ft. How I Quit Crack) - 5:06
2. HALLUCINATION 1969 - 19:26
3. Infinity ∞ Ritual (ft. How I Quit Crack) - 999:99

Side B
4. Messiah Of Evil - 9:47
5. Out Of Body (ft. How I Quit Crack) - 7:11
6. Hollywood Requiem (ft. How I Quit Crack) - 4:53

Bonus CD (With PD-LP-015): Official Remixes
1. Hollywood Necronomicon (Pwin Teaks Remix) - 03:22
2. Hollywood Necronomicon (BATHAUS Remix) - 20:30

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