Thursday, July 04, 2013

[Pretty Pretty Records] ϟ†Nϟ - I DIE

Sins exists outside of time and space. The music and art made by Sins focuses on coming to terms with the bleak remains of our dying world and transforming the pain into cosmic and beautiful.

During the recording of I DIE, Sins was inspired by death, specifically by his own death. The Japanese have a word "Aware" pronounced (Ah-Wa-Re), which translate roughly to "a gentle sadness towards the impermanence of things". It's the concept that life and death are but two sides of the same coin. Sins is at one with death, embracing it with one hand while gripping life and living it to its fullest in the other. Aleister Crowley's Sabbath of the Goat sums up this concept nicely.

O! the heart of N.O.X. the Night of Pan.
{Pi-Alpha-Nu}: Duality: Energy: Death.
Death: Begetting: the supporters of O!
To beget is to die; to die is to beget.
Cast the Seed into the Field of Night.
Life and Death are two names of A.
Kill thyself.
Neither of these alone is enough.

Label: Pretty Pretty Records
Artist: ϟ†Nϟ
Format: Album, 8 x File, Digital | CD | Vinyl
Released: 2nd July 2013

1. Cyanide - 4:29
2. Destroy - 3:32
3. I DIE - 2:27
4. Tuff Luv - 4:43
5. Logic - 4:29
6. Night Rider - 3:38
7. Lion Dub - 4:23
8. Cops And Christians - 4:10

This album is dedicated to Isis the Mother of Magic
All songs and artwork by SINS ©MMXIII

Cyanide: vocals by Richard Forbes
Tuff Luv: vocals by Ell V Gore
Lion Dub: vocals by Anna Coquette

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John Magnet Bell said...

I'm sitting here and this album is pouring into my ears and seeping into my blood stream through the capillary vessels. Pretty hypnotic stuff, this.

PatrickG88 [The Black Box] said...

Yeah JM, I like a lot of their tracks (and remixed tracks).