Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[Static Wall Recordings] Various - Slasher

This free album is dedicated to slasher movies from the 1970/80s with each artist adding an intro to the track they recorded of their chosen film

Label: Static Wall Recordings
Format: Compilation (VA), 14 x File, Digital
Released: 12 July 2013
All credits go to the films/film makers and to all those who have made a fantastic effort in recording the tracks
Mr Stewart Corbett for the fantastic album cover

01. Infirmary - Blood and Black Lace - 7:00
02. Phantasm Nocturnes - Halloween (The Boogeyman Comes Home) - 3:11
03. Foul - She's Not Your Mother, Frank (Maniac) - 6:26
04. Inanition - Threadbare - 7:00
05. Digitally Fuct - EVIL + NIGHT - 5:17
06. Owen Michael Davis - Erotophonophilia - 2:49
07. Lackthrow - Hell is NOW - 6:38
08. Alocer Christus - Tenebrae - 05:59
09. She Walks Crooked - "Do You Realize He's Enjoying Himself?" - 6:59
10. Harsh Hertz - Brain Killer - 5:22
11. Static Goat - Silent Night, Deadly Night - 5:56
12. Headcleaner - Untitled (Crystal Plumage) - 4:14
13. Gun Zop - Zombie Squad - 5:16
14. Nighttime in the Abyss - The Caller Is In The House (Merry Fucking Christmas Mix) - 2:56


evp said...

Tony from STATIC WALL RECORDINGS is Fake. He deceived me with Trade. He does not answer my letters. Urge to ignore it. Do not contact him. This lingering shit.

Mitchell Rotunno same shit. It ignores the many people writing music which he published. None of them, including me, has not received a copy of the author.

PatrickG88 [The Black Box] said...

I founded this compilation (at the time) via the soundcloud track "Halloween" of Phantasm Nocturnes. I decided to blog it with my infos i founded on the net etc.. without contact anyone.

I corrected just now the "label" hyperlink.
if you want me to fix anything again about this post, or delete it, re-answer here. thanks