Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Infect13] T.O.M.B. - Third Wave Holocaust

Active for over a decade and with releases on Fall of Nature, Todestrieb, and Crucial Blast, Pennsylvania’s T.O.M.B. has come to embody the spirit of what Black Plagve is and was started for, pushing sound to the extreme by taking elements of dark ambient, noise, metal and death industrial and assembling them into powerful, blackened occult rituals. Built around field recordings that consist of cemetery desecrations, live crematory incineration's and disturbing, abandoned insane asylum ceremonies, everything is misshapen and deformed, twisted and crafted into harrowing episodes of hallucinatory, blood soaked rituals, demonic incantations, and waves of foul smelling textures.
10 tracks in total, some, such as Clairvoyant Frequencies, Electric Exorcism, or Vulgarity, with their dense reverberating churn, necrotized tones, and over modulated frequency abuse, fall into the power electronics vein. Others, such as the tribalistic Vom Voodoo, Na La Gore Na, and Tribute to Hanhua, are drenched in unholy atmospherics, with buried rhythms, clanging percussion and deathchant vocalizations. It’s all held together with a clenched, rotten fist, moving and writhing in perfect unison over its 50 time frame.
Another strong and welcome addition to the growing Black Plagve roster and a resounding reason why T.O.M.B. remains at the forefront of the “black noise” movement. Recommended for fans of MZ.412, Gnaw Their Tongues, Deathstench.

Label: Black Plagve (Malignant Records)
Cat#: Infect13
Artist: T.O.M.B. (Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy)
Format: Album, 10 x Tracks, Digital / CD
Released: 21 August 2013
Composed by Jack Gannon

01. Antagonizing The Unknown - 05:20
02. Electric Exorcism - 06:47
03. The Great Venerat Insult - 05:03
04. Na La Gore Na - 05:44
05. Vulgarity - 05:21
06. Disrupting Admin - 04:13
07. Vom Voodoo - 04:24
08. Third Wave Holocaust - 04:35
09. Clairvoyant Frequencies - 07:45
10. Tribute To Hanhua - 06:28

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