Friday, August 30, 2013

Hölle - Demo Mix (30-08-2013)

"Ambient Camping 40 ...and then there was blood" is happening on Nov 1st, 2013, and I'll be doing yet another Drone set. I decided to make another DJ mix showcasing some of my recent favorites. I even put in one of my experimental sounds. This one is a little more droney and noisey than the first mix. Hope you enjoy, and if you're in the area come check out Ambient Camping 40!
- Hölle (Jesus F. Christ)

01. New Risen Throne - Aporrheton
02. Sunmoon - Nightsky IV
03. Mytrip - Small Humyn
04. Necroplois - Morning Air
05. Hölle - Untitled
06. Theologian - In Times Of Need, We All Go Against Our Natures
07. Black Swan - Dying God (Suite)
08. Spheruleus - A Silent Collision
09. Crepuscular - Mechanised Cataclysm
10. Schneider TM - Container

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