Friday, September 27, 2013

Kondaktor - Mundo Urbano Podcast #66 (27-09-2013)

Kondaktor - M.U. Podcast 66# (Sept 2013)

Kondaktor aka George Papageorgopoulos has been crafting the decks for almost a decade establishing himself as a prominent figure in the Athenian party scene. His dj sets vary: from deeply techno to sleazy, dirty and funky; from comfortably dark and ambient to uncomfortably sensual and grimmy. He enjoys mixing different styles and trying different sounds each time: from industrial techno to chicago house and back. In the record label that he co-owns, "Modal Analysis", the releases are a blend of modern techno with experimental approach in order to promote the new sophisticated sound coming from Greece. The label's gloomy aesthetic examines the structural impact of sound within space. In the end of 2012 he made his debut release as a music producer with a cassette at the Seattle based Further Records under the alias of Kondaktor: the maestro that controls the musician's performance and manipulates the feelings of the crowds. Kondaktor's distorted approach enhance a mix of experimental tonalities that resemble those coming from a concrete mysterious setting, with electroacoustic influences, build in a low-fi aesthetic. In actual spaces, he has been organizing the "Reform" party series in Athens along with fellow DJs and he has recorded vocals for several different projects.

01. ANFS - Mandarine
02. Iannis Xenakis - Hibiki-Hana-Ma
03. Deathprod - Cloudchamber
04. Mordant Music - Hoarded House (reMMix Fredit)
05. Rabih Beaini - Ya Shater
06. Svarte Greiner - White Noise
07. Helm - Silencer
08. Mika Vainio - Weight
09. Manovra Incerta - ? (forthcoming on Modal Analysis)
10. Tod Dockstader - Boingo Background (Replekz by Ekoplekz)
11. Ian Helliwell - Solid States
12. Christoph De Babalon - The End of Vinyl (Christoph De Babalon Remix)

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