Sunday, September 08, 2013

PatrickG88 - Tonal Verges Album Mix (08-09-2013)

I decided to make a tribute of the first album from Tonal Verges (released recently in July on Ketacore Records).
I played his twelve album tracks, but the all at 110bpm.. that's my little personal touch, for enjoy a more long agony!

01. Tonal Verges - Regain Consciousness
02. Tonal Verges - Svelte Organ
03. Tonal Verges - Children
04. Tonal Verges - Think Differently
05. Tonal Verges - Fear Of The Obscene
06. Tonal Verges - Mutual Assured Destruction
07. Tonal Verges - Operation Northwoods
08. Tonal Verges - Fucking / Redemption
09. Tonal Verges - I Am A Number
10. ▲NGST - Impending Doom (Tonal Verges Remix)
11. Tonal Verges - Let Her Die
12. Fifth Era - Lockdown In Inner Space (Tonal Verges Remix)

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