Monday, October 21, 2013


Alterf, Algenubi, Denebola, Subra, Zosma, Coxa, Adhafera, Regulus, Rasalas. These are the ancient names of the nearly forgotten Leonine, a sky-fallen pride of powerful beings with lion-like features now but a haze of myth and legend, who, during key moments in time, had both aided and tormented mankind since its infancy. And then, they were gone.

The only reliable information on their existence is an infinitesimal fragment of the once whole and has become merely an indignity to their archaic former glory. I have dedicated my scholarly life to the collection and study of all available lore and holy scripts and the practice of related magicks and rituals. I believe their return draws near and that they bring with them compassionate acts and deeds most unkind.

Welcome to the Cult of the Leonine.

Artist: HɅSHMɅLVM (ex Wђıℜo)
Format: Album, 9 x File, Digital
Released: 20 October 2013

1. ɅLTERF - 06:44
2. ɅLGENVBI - 05:31
3. DENEBOLɅ - 04:52
4. SVBRɅ - 04:01
5. ZOSMɅ - 05:42
6. COXɅ - 06:02
7. ɅDHɅFERɅ - 06:12
8. REGVLVS - 03:07
9. RɅSɅLɅS - 06:10

¹ Excerpts from the arcane text of 'Nemean Sickle; or, Pride of the Leo Cultus' have been reprinted here for reference.
² Tracks 1, 6, & 9, originally released under Wђıℜo, have been remastered, renamed, and repurposed for this release.
³ Hidden in the old texts is a clouded tale of a tenth being, Algieba, that was once cast out by his brethren for unspecified crimes.

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