Friday, October 25, 2013

Kratarknathrak - Sin

And here is the final stage in the trilogy started with "666" and "Dis". This third part is called "Sin" and makes the trilogy complete. "Why a trilogy?" One might ask. And the answer would be: "Why not?" Trilogies are cool and artsy.

This album also is about dark things, because i like dark things. Its about spiritual journeys and the realisation you will only find the truth in the darkness. On the dark and shadowy paths. Remember: When we humans were still young we had to have cover to protect us from the predators. The open and the light is where the danger is. Trust the darkness, trust the dark in yourself. You will find truth on your darkest journeys.

Artist: Kr▲†▲rkn▲†hr▲k
Format: EP, 5 x File, Digital
Released: 23 August 2013
Written & Produced at the Bulb Area 51 research facility. Ia Shub Niggurath! Isha'Iblis!

1. Dawn Of Darkness, Dusk Of Fire - 07:52
2. Troubled Dreams - 03:49
3. The Butterfly Effect - 21:09
4. Path Of Shadows - 04:21
5. Black Ocean - 09:02

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