Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lidia Zuin - Hexcast 012 (04-10-2013)

Twelfth episode of HEXCAST, an online radio program aired at Enter The Shadows Radio, produced and hosted by Lidia Zuin

01. †▼BF▼CK - DIS†▲NCΣ
02. AyGeeTee - Hypess
03. Alpines - Chances
04. Clubroot - Eastern Promise
05. Gheists - Crashes To Ashes
06. DISIR - Vivian's Kiss Of Death
07. Maybe Not Today - Cry With Me
08. R▲dio Vril - Jasper Face Deah Bravely And Find Your Way To Nirvana
09. Crystal Castles - Vanished (WAVER Remix)
10. †‡† (RITUALZ) - What I've Done (RITUALZ + Teehn Bwitches EBM Remix)
11. Mauzoleum - Pharmacy (SINS Remix)
12. †ENEBRÆ - Slugs (Nullse† Remix)
13. sɪcᴜᴛ pʀɪᴜs - ᴍᴏʀɪᴛᴜʀᴀ
14. ⅃ΛNΛ D3⅃ ℝ3Y - Gods And Monsters (...And So Another Year Ends In Darkness Mix by V▲LH▲LL)
15. VIOLENCE ft. WIICCA - Atrocity

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