Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[MURDG-009/MURCD-030] RAXYOR vs SA†AN - From Hell And Back

"The time has come friends and foes, since the end of the world did not meet us with such fire and brimstone as we expected, the year of damnation is upon us all. From prestigious record label owned and operating out of Tokyo, Japan comes a collaboration from two heated and high notch electronic apocalypse producers, ranking in with some dark beats, nasty kick drums, and ripping snare pangs for some ultimate doom, death and destruction.
Hailing from Russia, Denis aka SA†AN has been slowly devestating live stages across Europe for years with his Thrash guitar, doom-metal breakcore & darkstep style fusing together metalhead riffs & smashing amen breakbeats with gabber kick destruction!!!
Comming from New York, Jeffrey AKA RAXYOR has been around since 99' with his sadistic Splatter Break & Jungle DNB music, turned into more chaotic hardkicks at 220bpm, he's around the world touring for the last 6 years,.
As Hell breaks lose and lets all the demons fourth to the earth, on October 31st, 2013, Halloween night this Amazing Limited Edition CD will be released worldwide!"

Label: Murder Channel Records
Cat#: MURDG-009 / MURCD-030
Artists: RAXYOR vs SA†AN
Format: [MURDG-009] Album, 9 x File, Digital / [MURCD-030] Album, 11 x Tracks, CD
Released: 31 October 2013
Mastered by Stazma The Junglechrist
Illustration by Droon
Designed by Matic-Log
Executive Producer: Yuta Umegatani
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01. RAXYOR vs SA†AN - The Warlord
02. RAXYOR - Django Chainsawed
03. SA†AN - Believe In Death
04. RAXYOR - Bathsalt Nymphocalypse
05. SA†AN - We have Returned
06. RAXYOR - Bathsalt Nymphocalypse (SA†AN Remix)
07. SA†AN - Believe In Death (Ripping a Hole In The Heavens Remix by RAXYOR)
08. SA†AN vs RAXYOR - From Hell And Back
09. RAXYOR - Django Chainsawed (Horrible Egg Breakfast Remix By Krumble)
Bonus tracks CD version:
10. RAXYOR - Unstoppable
11. SA†AN - Because I'm Dead

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