Friday, October 25, 2013

[ND69] -]|[- - Cyclops

-]|[- is about improvisation. The ten songs on Cyclops were made in one session and are not soundprocessed. mixed or mastered other than the initial recording.
-]|[- does not make songs and albums in the traditional sense. Every song is a one time occassion. Every song -]|[- plays will be a completely new one built from the ground up.

-]|[- is about the live experience. Every performance is a unique happening with songs which only exist for the people present at that occasion.
The music on Cyclops is to show what -]|[- is all about. Your private -]|[- to listen to over and over.

-]|[- is available for live shows during exhibitions, art performances, installations or clubs. It doesn't matter when and where. Every show will be unique and special in that the music and sounds created there will only happen there. Contact -]|[- at for questions and bookings.

This is new darkness recordings ND69. Free download, because it doesn't matter. This music is only here. New music will be elsewhere.

Label: New Darkness Recordings
Cat#: ND69
Artist: -]|[-
Format: Album, 10 x File, Digital
Released: 25 October 2013

01. Cyclops Part I - 3:44
02. Cyclops Part II - 3:48
03. Cyclops Part III - 3:15
04. Cyclops Part IV - 3:37
05. Cyclops Part V - 3:34
06. Cyclops Part VI - 2:56
07. Cyclops Part VII - 3:29
08. Cyclops Part VIII - 3:51
09. Cyclops Part IX - 4:09
10. Cyclops Part X - 03:13

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