Thursday, October 31, 2013

ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ - Zombie Rave Mixtape "Halloween 2013" (31-10-2013)

ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ (of Mater Suspiria Vision) - Zombie Rave H13 Mixtape (31st October 2013)

ℑ is the sign for fictive - ℜ is the sign for real
Do not believe in everything you see - the owls are not what they seem.

01. Lady Gaga - Burqkkka (Zombie Rave Mix)
02. Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel (Zombies Under The Car Remix)
03. World War Z Survivor - Eye Of The Zombie
04. Sash - Stay (Zombie Rave Mix)
05. Mariah Carey - Without You (A Zombie Can't Exist)
06. Scooter - The Night (Zombie Rave Mix)
07. Ken Lazlo - Hey Hey Guy
08. Blvck Ceiling - Two Crosses (++) [Forever Dawn, Phantasma Disques]
09. Francesco De Masi - Fay (New York Ripper Soundtrack)
10. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (Why Is This Zombie Licking My Window Drag Mix)
11. Out Of The Ordinary - Immer Wenn Er Pillen Nahm (Zombified)
12. ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ - Baby Baby (Zombie Rave Mix)
13. Unreal McCoy - Run Away (Zombie Rave Mix)
14. Mario Mazzini - Voci Della Follia [Diabolique Soundtrack, Phantasma Disques]
15. Vercetti Technicolor - Tema Di Kerstin [Giallo Disco Records]
15. Mercydesign - Lunar Vitamines […] [Diabolique Soundtrack, Phantasma Disques]
16. M‡яc▲ll▲- Magđalєnє (Mater Suspiria Vision's Fantasma In Libro Giallo Remix) [HЄRЄŦłC, Phantasma Disques]
17. The Sisters Of Mercy - Black Planet (Mater Suspiria Vision Ghost Drone Remix)

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