Friday, November 22, 2013

AnTraxid - Frozen Greetings From The Crypt (22-11-2013)

[SKTK013] AnTraxid - Frozen Greetings From The Crypt
Splatterkore Reck-ords exclusive mix, dedicated to Enter The Permafrost

AnTraxid was originally invited to play Enter The Permafrost but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond his control he is sadly unable to make it.
Here is a exclusive set he made especially for Splatterkore and it is dedicated to all the people who will be coming to the party.

00. Intro: Sayak - Satanas Maleficarium
01. AnTraxid - Chased By Shadows [Secret Release, Upcoming, Pre-Version]
02. AnTraxid - Signals From Below [Unreleased, Pre-Version]
03. AnTraxid - Falling Skies [Unreleased, Pre-Version]
04. AnTraxid - Instinkt (..Follow The Rabbit) [md006]
05. DR.PAUL - I Am Despair (AnTraxid Remix) [NTR077]
06. AnTraxid - Inner Pressure (Crtl-Disabled) [Dedicated 2 those who gave away my music without one word to me, all respect is gone..]
07. AnTraxid - Sinister Mind [NTR084]
08. AnTraxid - The Fallen (Dark Frequencer Remix) [ANT26]
09. AnTraxid - Sunshine In My Heart [Unreleased]
10. AnTraxid - Lucifer By Sunrise (Original) [Unreleased]
11. Fifth Era - F.E.#10 (AnTraxid's Stick A Head Remix) [Private Property of 65 Involved only]

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