Friday, November 15, 2013

[NTR094] Dark Frequencer - X-Ray Dreams

Poland's Dark Frequencer returns to NTR for a fourth release - the disturbing, otherworldly masterpiece that is 'X-Ray Dreams'! With less focus on beats than on his previous NTR releases Dark Frequencer is able to focus more intently on evoking an eerie, unearthly ambience that is reminiscent of classic-era horror and fantasy film scores but with a definite unique twist, making this EP the ideal original soundtrack to your own most bizarre and disturbing nightmares! As always, ENJOY!

Label: Night Terror Recordings
Cat#: NTR094
Artist: Dark Frequencer
Format / Download: EP, 4 x File, Digital
Artwork & Design by Dark Frequencer
Released 15 November 2013
Mastered by OnlineProMastering
Liscenced by Night Terror Recordings

1. X-1 - 6:02
2. X-2 - 6:24
3. X-3 - 6:00
4. X-4 - 6:18

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