Saturday, November 09, 2013

Oneirich - Horae Obscura - Additicius IV "Aurora Musis Amica" (09-11-2013)

Horae Obscura Additicius IV "Aurora Musis Amica"
© Picture: Baldassarre Peruzzi "Apollo E Le Muse" (1514-23)

Stumbled on a tad too many good net label releases the past couple of weeks...
So I made an extra episode with it :) Hope you like it!
All the releases used are downloadable just head off to your favourite search engine and you'll find them right away!

01. Daina Dieva - Lopšinė
02. Palancar - Relative Revelation
03. Pattern Behavior - Breathing Faster
04. Etiket Zerø - Planet N° KAY.332
05. Mental D-Struction - The 5th Dim
06. ZandoZ Corp. - Dance Of Transmutation
07. Dark Frequencer - Desolated Place
08. CrepusculaR - Calamidades y Pavor Nocturno
09. Gas Masked Lestat - Beyond the First Empire (ZandoZ Corp. Remix)
10. Dark Frequencer - Dead Rize
11. Edgeist - Wreck
12. SiJ feat. Thetou - Crystal Oscillator (Deception Cost Remix)
13. Lucidstatic - Omnicide
14. Fractured Transmission - Stopping Unearthly Occupation

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