Monday, November 04, 2013

[PD-105] Pwin 山 Teaks - Aoxomoxoa

Enter the world of weird world of consciousness. Re-release of former vinyl only release (Brave Mysteries, US) by Pwin Teaks (aka Cosmotropia de Xam of Mater Suspiria Vision).
Warped and psyched-out drones somewhere between NWW, the black lodge of Twin Peaks and a hypnagogic dream state.

Label: Phantasma Disques
Cat#: PD-105
Artist: Pwin 山 Teaks
CDR: Album, 4 x Tracks (Second in a series of CDR + DIGITAL / DIGITAL releases. Pre-order the CDR and get the digital version via email the same day while waiting for the CDR. Comes with 4 interchangable artworks (incl. the 2011 original artwork). First 25 on black surfaced CDR with Japan OBI)
Price: £6.99 (Pre-order 4th November, out 18th November 2013, Limited to 75 copies)

Digital: Album, 4 x File
Price: £4.99 (or more)

1. The Mirror Cabinet of the Water Witches - 19:28
2. Phantasmagoria Suite (ft. How I Quit Crack) - 22:40
3. Aoxomoxoa - 03:46
Bonus Track
4. Live at the house of 7 witches (Aoxomoxoa recording session, 2010) - 19:30

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