Thursday, November 07, 2013

[RED-035] Omkara Techichi - Rise Of The Dark God

Omkara Techichi's Rise of the Dark God is a work in progress overhaul of the previous Dreamonic Vamperor album. As artists continue to create music, so to does their sound evolve, which in this case has resulted in something that in the future will be recognised as "Hellcore".

The emphasis of this style is a blend between all sorts of core, ranging from mainstream to crossbreed, but with focus on a wide accessibility for the majority of party people so that the taint of chaotic music can be spread throughout the world.

The goal here is to bring forth a more ominous and melancholic form of hardcore supplemented by a visual horrific appearance in order to provide the scene with a fresh theatrical performance allowing you to more easily forget this shit-stain known as society and let yourself be absorbed by the sounds of the darkside.

Label: Red Fever Recordings
Cat#: RED-035
Artist: Omkara Techichi
Format: EP, 4 x File, Digital
Released: 7 November 2013
Written & Produced by Willem Warry
Mastering by
Design by Designificance

1. I Hope They Scream (We Thirst For Battle Remix)
2. Seeds Of Terror (A Blur Of Death Remix)
3. The Blood God (Burn Your World Remix)
4. Death Craft (Show Your Fury Remix)

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