Monday, December 09, 2013

Crazy Dymond - Archipelagos Of Darkness (09-12-2013)

Crazy Dymond (Mark Blood) - Archipelagos Of Darkness (2hr Dark Ambient Mix)

There are places separate from time where everything that has ever existed has been isolated from its neighbour, collected and archived. As you brush against the boundaries of these islands of history you can hear what lies within but you cannot pass through into any of them except with determined, conscious effort. Some places host islands that contain things and events of a primal nature, others contain dark deeds or other, less wholesome happenings. Follow the ritual to enter such places and listen to the sounds from these archipelagos of darkness.

As ever, it is the generosity of others that help make these mixes possible. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the following:

Sombre Soniks for permission to use the tracks by Druhá Smrt, Mortum Exabyss, XUN, The Implicit Order's Ringu 2, Hoyland, and Backyard Ghost's Moroi.
Lost Kadath for permission to use the track from Giving Up The Ghost.
VOIDaudio for permission to use Apha.
IOK-1 for permission to use He Who Casts No Shadow.
William Spivey for the use of his track from Fukushima Drones.
Randall Collier-Ford for the use of his excellent track from Dark Corners.

Much of the music here is available for free or pay-what-you-like. Where the fee is set, the price is extremely reasonable. If you like what you hear listen to the albums and buy them or download them for free where available.

01. [0:00:00] Druhá Smrt - Bloodash [Ukhulth]
02. [0:08:14] Backyard Ghost - Apparitions [Through The Mist-Dark Ambient]
03. [0:13:53] Mortum Exabyss - The Fallen [Korochun]
04. [0:21:29] The Implicit Order - And The Summer Became The Fall [Autumn Lullabies]
05. [0:28:17] Lost Kadath - Presence Of Pain (Mutilation of the Soul) [Giving Up The Ghost]
06. [0:30:34] VOIDaudio - Apha [Soundcloud Portfolio]
07. [0:41:49] IOK-1 - He Who Casts No Shadow [Soundcloud Tarmskrap]
08. [0:49:55] XUN - Fifteen Years [Dark Ambient Vol. 6]
09. [0:56:38] Pyne - Discarnate [Dead Voices; White Noise]
10. [1:02:18] Montren - Choir [Destruction Of Conciousness - Part II]
11. [1:07:16] Antropik - Orchalcum (version 2 - remix) [Absydion - Collected Works 2012-2013]
12. [1:15:40] The Implicit Order - Ringu 2 [Dark Ambient Vol. 6]
13. [1:20:17] William Spivey - Wounding Time [Fukushima Drones]
14. [1:28:40] Monte 6 - Tribo de Y'rta [Ialdabaoh]
15. [1:32:04] Cromlech - Baikal-Amur [Okoёm]
16. [1:38:55] Hoyland - Flowers Of Flesh And Blood [Dark Ambient Vol. 6]
17. [1:47:01] Backyard Ghost - Moroi [Waxwork]
18. [1:50:18] Randall Collier-Ford - The Axis [Dark Corners (NSP Edition)]
19. [1:54:56] [mikra] - Way. [Deep Limits]

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