Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[DTN 021] Various Artists - XIII: Xclusive Industrial Intelligent Invasion

Time destroying a man, but nothing can destroy the Industrial progress and the Experience of Mankind.
When Intelligence tested for viability only best ideas remains to live forever and as secular stones solidify on the surface of the Earth.

Label: H.P.G. Detonator
Cat#: DTN 021
Format: VA Compilation, 13 x File, Digital
Download: MP3 | FLAC
Released: 18 December 2013
Mastered by H.P.G. Detonator MUST.earing, Enrico Stade
Artwork by: Hard.D.Sign
Producers: Matteo Campodonico & Dahos Sekundes (I), Bruno Lombard (II), Ignacio Jorquera (III), Enrico Stade (IV, IX), Costa Ivanzov & Vitali Ivanzov (V), André Wittkop (VI, XIII), Mark Pons Montalbán (VII), Paweł Sidelnikow (VIII), Tomasz Rusiecki & Dominik Ryczkowski (X), Oleg Serkin (XI), Daniel Ribot (XII)
Samples: contains voice of Jean Paul Sartre & Christophe Andre (II), contains samples from the movie Robocop (XI)

I. Phemt feat. 0ne - Sympathetic Twinge Of Suffering (Rain Remix) - 5:20
II. Bruno - L'enfer, C'est Les Autres - 4:08
III. Traumatic Injection - Suppressing Memories - 6:07
IV. Embrionyc - They Left Her To Die - 7:52
V. The Illuminati - Pulse Wave - 4:28
VI. Noi C - Fallen Angel - 5:56
VII. Kramerr - I Lose My Mind (2013 Version) - 5:09
VIII. Sidelnikov - Sun After Dark - 6:15
IX. Embrionyc - Pulsing Earth Interior - 4:35
X. The Paraproducers - Brain Damage - 5:12
XI. Final Sketch - Lost In System - 3:39
XII. Esox- Datura - 5:39
XIII. ND Vidual - Theory Of Creativity (Rough Edit 2013) - 6:38

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