Monday, December 16, 2013


Some say that it is a secret masked ball for the affluent and well-to-do, where business deals are pursued and made. Some whisper that it is an extra-dimensional Goetian soiree, with quite similar goings-on.
In the Old Malmok lighthouse, on the Isle of Bonaire, a closed gathering happens once in every age for the tempted and the desperate. In their company are those who would otherwise refrain from this world.
Upon invite, the daring few who present themselves seek auspicious fortune in exchange for great sacrifice. This is the tale of a man and an embracing goddess of night, and her malevolent twin sister's subsequent dethroning.
"She held illimitable dominion by ghastly caste, perhaps borne of Babel or Ishtar all long past, and again She said as if rehearsed, 'this Tonight we were cursed'."

Format: Album, 10 x File, Digital
Released: 15 December 2013

01. Across Stonɛ Spacɛ - 5:18
02. In Cloak and Gown - 5:54
03. Bɛhind Hɛr Ashɛn Mask - 5:08
04. Thɛ Mistrɛss Gölgga - 4:36
05. Black Smokɛ Spɛɛch - 5:02
06. Pandɛmos, thɛ Sɛcrɛt Rosɛ - 6:03
07. Good Sun Spirɛ - 4:28
08. I, Half of Máni - 4:33
09. Whitɛwash Wintɛr - 5:04
10. Ɛightɛɛn-Sixtɛɛn - 5:27

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