Wednesday, December 25, 2013

[PCF0001] D. Sturm - Lost & Found (1989 - 2012)

This collected monotony shall now be the starting point of the regular PCF program.
Here we will offer you albums, EP's and concept works from artists based in a large span of dark music for free download.

"A longer time ago, I found back a lot of older works which I created through several periods (both in temporal as well as mentally aspects).
I can't remember all the Project names I invented in these times, I got only the titles but the fictional act names are not really relevant I think.
The exact birth year of some tracks as well.

The oldest are from 1989, some from 1992, 93, 95 and two of them are the youngest with a date from 2012.
I also find no really solution for the sorting, so it was maybe the best idea to put them in chronological order.

The oldest works were written in the studio of my father where I used his lead & bass guitars, an older Roland synthesizer, a drum machine from Alesis and my own collection of tapedecks where I created a loot of loops in nerve racking detail work.
Later I was happy about the bigger Roland recording machine which my father procured.
I also experimented with a rack version of the Kawai K4 in conjunction with Q-Base on a nice looking Atari ST FM.

I know the quality is not the best and most of these works are maybe nothing more then experiments, a lot of collected monotony, but I was fuckin' happy to found them and I thought it could be a nice idea to offer these first steps for free!

Cheerio, Daniel Sturm"

Label: Phuture-Core Foundation
Cat#: PCF0001
Artist: Daniel Sturm
Format: Album, 15 x File, Digital (WAV)
Released: 25 December 2013
Artwork: Second.Eye.Design

I. Brüder - 4:37
II. Dennoch Die Schwerter Halten (gewidmet Gottfried Benn) - 6:36
III. Einigkeit - 3:32
IV. Ekel I - 6:18
V. Existence - 5:50
VI. Final Credits Of A Never Filmed Zombie Movie - 6:40
VII. Fiume - 4:58
VIII. Hinein In Den Wahnsinn - 6:23
IX. Im Freien Fall - 3:04
X. Kälte - 7:57
XI. Schmerz I - 3:37
XII. Schmerz II - 4:00
XIII. Weltstaat (gewidmet Ernst Jünger) - 1:46
XIV. Zombies OverGrohnde - 3:58
XV. Zweifel - 7:48

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